Team Trauma

Trauma resuscitation is best applied by a multidisciplinary team. Frequent exposure to trauma and the presence of an advanced trauma surgical team are often unavailable in smaller communities.

The Team Trauma course embraces best practice science across all disciplines to offer an integrated approach to trauma care for the non-expert, non-dedicated team faced with trauma resuscitation.

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Team Trauma


Best practice science is embraced in multidiscipline team-based trauma resuscitation with proven learning strategies


Priority-driven core skills can make all the difference. Build on current abilities with 3-step models to act with speed and grace. 


Ample practice with high acuity low occurrence (HALO) emergency events is reinforced with relevant scenario practice.

Course Overview

Review and integrate recent best practice updates in simulated trauma cases of escalating complexity:
  • team with agility
  • airway and ventilation
  • blood and fluid stabilization
  • structural stabilization
Agility in trauma care is of particular importance where resources are limited - pre-hospital, rural and remote hospitals but also within larger hospitals under strain i.e. staffing shortage and/or uncommon workload strain. Hone your skills in the moving pattern of priority interventions, free up resources where possible and focus expertise for high yield actions. Matching one, two or three key, rapidly applied interventions in a complex trauma emergency can have more imminent impact than a general dispersion of acceptable actions.

Multidiscipline emergency response to trauma  - strategies, techniques, pearls and select tips for special cases

On Completion: harness a prepared team and an actionable priority-focused framework that are strengthened by practice, deeply understood skills within simulations

Who: all health care disciplines that may be engaged in trauma care in a resource limited setting

Live Online: group discussion and exercises key challenges facing smaller teams in a trauma emergency; 3-step models and key skills are explored as possible pathways to success

In-Person: core skills, team activation and team cohesion fundamentals are integrated within emergency simulations 

What you'll learn


revisit A & P; blood-oxygen-glucose emergencies with focus on blood volume dynamics; explore signs and symptoms

Fundamental Skills

core skills to intervene early in trauma resuscitation; team activation, resource assessment and checklists included

Priorities First

become adept at simple, practical, priority-based frameworks; all actions are not equal in smaller teams

Flexible Agility

understand deeply the why and how of core skills; be flexible and agile, responding to trauma emergencies with speed and grace

Team Skills

become adept with skills that leverage human-to-human connections to amplify the likelihood of success

Situational Awareness

assess your situation; agility within any potential or actual trauma emergency quickly leverages changing resources

What you'll receive

Pre-Course Package

upon registration, an email is sent to you with links to pre-course resources and course details

Custom Experiences

hands-on tailored experiences build your agility in trauma emergencies

Group Activities

group activities harness the expertise and experience of everyone to optimize learning

Practical Tips and Pearls

this is a real world course; agile readiness requires skills that are possible with minimal resources

Completion or Certification

an optional hands-on and written evaluation is available to earn a certification card

SkillStat Guarantee

get more practice taking this course again for FREE within a YEAR of your first course 

"Very accessible, valuable content and should be mandatory for anyone participating in procedural sedation. There was a targeted effort by the hosts to tailor the delivery of information to the specific needs or goals of the learners." - Lori


"Great hands on work. Practical advice. Timeframe was perfect." - Lisa

TEAM Trauma

"Excellent content and teaching tailored to each learners work environment and skill set."- Kate


"Excellent relevant course delivered in a captivating and efficient manner." - Khadija


"Stimulating topics as well mostly because it was so practical. Walking through real scenarios helps in decision making in real life. Revisiting the pharmacodynamics of the medications we use is very helpful because it translates to real life usage." - Jason


"clear, direct approach to teaching. entertaining and educational. open conversation with real life anecdotes was v. helpful" - Eleanor


"The entire course was relevant to our non-hospital surgery center. Excellent content & instruction. Practical & thorough." - A. Denton


"It was more fun/engaging that I thought!" - Taryn


"Very engaging + concise. Would recommend this class. Thank you!" - Megan


"I've been pretty nervous thinking about this new job, but this course really helped alleviate some of that, so thank you!" - Randi


Available learning options

Live Online

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In Class

Practice the hands-on skills you need with a team committed to your success.

Trauma Sim

Learn and practice whenever and wherever via our interactive web app - desktop and mobile.

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Team Trauma

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