12 Lead ECG & ACS

Once you have a solid grounding in single lead ECG interpretation, you’re ready for this 1-day course.

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Pre-Requisites: Any Six Second ECG® Course

12 Lead ECG & ACS


Certified and proven 3-Step rhythm interpretation method


Effectively understand and interpret ECG rhythms when it counts most


Grow vibrant, breakthrough skills using the Six Second ECG® Method

Program Overview

In the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes, 12 Lead ECG results can lead to rapid, effective treatment. While blood work results – particularly Troponin - also support a diagnosis, the 12 Lead ECG is typically first to the mark, often by hours. When combined with a patient assessment and history, systematic 12 Lead ECG interpretation is key to timely intervention and optimal patient outcomes.

  • Review of ECG Rhythm Identification
  • Review of ECG Clinical Interpretation
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Best Practices
  • Systematic ic 12 Lead ECG
  • Interpretation in 3-Steps
  • ACS Imposters
  • ACS Diagnostic Confidence
  • Boosters
  • 15 | 18 Lead ECG
  • More Practice

Much of the time will be spent practising and making sense of the ECG, with particular attention to clinical implications.

What you'll learn

3-Step Method

Review our 3-Step rhythm interpretation method for static and dynamic rhythms.

Acute Coronary Syndromes

Go through an overview of ACS and dive deeply for more understanding.

ST Segment & T Wave

Learn more about ST segment and T wave differentials.

Bundle Branch Blocks

Identify and understand bundle branch blocks in depth.

15 | 18 Lead View Mapping

Understand 15 & 18 lead views. Learn what makes them special.

Electrical Axis

Deepen your understanding of the electrical axis and deviations.

What you'll receive

Completion Card

12 Lead ECG & ACS Completion Card

Reference Materials

Additional follow-on worksheets and reference materials included

SkillStat Guarantee

You are welcome to repeat the same course for FREE within a YEAR of your original course completion date!

"A good length of time for the content as it gave time to practice in order to solidify what we learned. Not sure that this course needs to change but I now that I have done this one I do want to do more, like the 12 lead ECG and clinical applications." - Debbie

Six Second ECG Essentials

"This is a very good introductory course. I liked the mix of didactic and actual practice with an expert on hand. The 3-step approach will be very handy. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of skill level." - Sean

Six Second ECG Essentials

"Very accessible, valuable content and should be mandatory for anyone participating in procedural sedation. There was a targeted effort by the hosts to tailor the delivery of information to the specific needs or goals of the learners." - Lori


"This course reiterated the importance of correctly identifying what is wrong with the patient in order to perform the correct intervention (i.e., the difference between loops and leaks)." - Angela


"a nice, concise, practical way to approach 12 lead interpretation so as to support clinical decision making." - Alex

12 Lead ECG & ACS

"As an ER RN I am often the first to review the EKG - and alert Physicians of any questionable ekgs. We often do ekgs on the non typical chest pains, so being able to id any potential issues is very important. I really needed to develop a more systematic approach to EKG's, I currently find myself "scattered" - I look for the key things but now I have a more systematic approach that I can implement in my practice. Time frame was decent." - Tanya

12 Lead ECG & ACS

"the 3 simple steps can tell you where to look or where the issue is from. from that you can tell what you see with those steps" - Michael

SSECG Essentials

"This class was great. It was my second time taking it. I should have stuck with the 3 step process vs. the 10 step I had to learn from job. This makes the process of identifying the rhythm much easier and you are able to make sense of where the impulse is originating from." - Nika

SSECG Essentials

"Excellent content and teaching tailored to each learners work environment and skill set."- Kate


"Excellent relevant course delivered in a captivating and efficient manner." - Khadija


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12 Lead ECG & ACS

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