Six Second ECG® Essentials

ECG interpretation is central to acute care, emergency care, critical care and high acuity settings. Become adept with a simple, powerful 3 step method to quickly identify and interpret ECG rhythms.

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Six Second ECG® Essentials


Certified and proven 3-Step rhythm interpretation method


Effectively understand and interpret ECG rhythms when it counts most


Grow vibrant, breakthrough skills using the Six Second ECG® Method

ECG For Real Life

  • Offered in BC since 1993
  • Taught in Universities and Hospitals globally
  • Used in every Provincial and First Nations Health Authority in BC
  • Thousands of students have said, ‘I get it now!’
  • Safe learning environment
  • ECG & Cardiac Output
  • Intro to Clinical use of ECG
  • 3-Step Method
  • Supraventricular Rhythms
  • Ventricular Rhythms
  • Premature and Escape Complexes
  • Grammar of ECG Identification
  • Intro to AV Blocks
  • Intro to Paced Rhythms
  • More Practice

Visit our Six Second ECG Resources page for more help building and developing your ECG Interpretation skills.


What you'll learn

3-Step Method

Certified and proven 3-Step rhythm interpretation method


Learn to identify rhythms right on the screen


Understand the ‘why” instead of just memorizing answers


Deepen your understanding of heart physiology and connect it to the rhythms


Scenarios and examples customized to fit you and your role


Simple, flexible learning models that you can build on

What you'll receive


The Six Second ECG: A Practical Guide to Basic and 12 Lead ECG Interpretation –  (included with tuition)

Completion Card

ECG Course Completion Card

Premium Content

Access to premium content to help you learn and practice how to interpret ECG rhythms via our Six Second ECG Resources page


Additional resources to help you learn in our Library

ECG Sim Online

For an additional learning opportunity, try our free online ECG Simulator

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You are welcome to repeat the same course for FREE within a YEAR of your original course completion date!

"Knowing how to quickly interpret an ECG rhythm and relate it to the symptoms a patient is experiencing is a huge skill I will take away from this course. This course gave me confidence to interpret rhythms without having to 'memorize' rhythms, and being able to truly understand the root cause, which will help me decide a course of treatment." - Ashneet (Feb 2023)


"This course reiterated the importance of correctly identifying what is wrong with the patient in order to perform the correct intervention (i.e., the difference between loops and leaks)." - Angela (Feb 2023)


"the 3 simple steps can tell you where to look or where the issue is from. from that you can tell what you see with those steps" - Michael (Feb 2022)

SSECG Essentials

"This class was great. It was my second time taking it. I should have stuck with the 3 step process vs. the 10 step I had to learn from job. This makes the process of identifying the rhythm much easier and you are able to make sense of where the impulse is originating from." - Nika (Feb 2022)

SSECG Essentials

"Excellent content and teaching tailored to each learners work environment and skill set."- Kate (Jan 2022)


"Excellent relevant course delivered in a captivating and efficient manner." - Khadija (Jan 2022)


"I honestly didn't know what to expect. I've read the infamous orange book cover to cover and still didn't understand. Taking this course was an effort to help and hopefully make a huge part of my future career and little easier to understand when I start school. I am EVER so grateful for this course and for what I was able to learn...this course has definitely made things click! The simple steps toward reading EKGs was helpful and stick well. Very impressed by this course. I liked the small class size and engagement. I want all of my colleagues to take this course! I honestly wasn't sure how the online format would work but as someone who is an advocate for in person learning, this online format worked!" - Alia (Jan 2022)

SSECG - Essentials

"The part that resonated with me was being able to quickly recognize various rhythms and that the process always starts with evaluating your patient. It's really easy to focus on the heart monitor and not the patient so beginning with that as the first set of the process really helps." - Marcel (Sep 2021)

Six Second ECG Essentials

"Stimulating topics as well mostly because it was so practical. Walking through real scenarios helps in decision making in real life. Revisiting the pharmacodynamics of the medications we use is very helpful because it translates to real life usage." - Jason (June 2021)


"clear, direct approach to teaching. entertaining and educational. open conversation with real life anecdotes was v. helpful" - Eleanor (Mar 2021)


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We deliver our Six Second ECG® courses privately in  Vancouver and throughout BC!


Learn and practice whenever and wherever via our interactive web app - desktop and mobile.

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Six Second ECG® Essentials

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